paper&e020231 | Mine By Design is now available in paperback and ebooks!  What’s the best way to support your favorite author? Leave a great review for her books at places like Goodreads and Amazon, and ask your local bookstores and libraries to carry it. You can also check out her backlist, and leave a review for that, too.

020221 | My childhood hometown paper interviewed me, and I found the story to be delightful. I’m a sucker for small-town-girl-makes-it-big stories, and it was fun to be that girl this time.

020221 | Launch week begins! I’m so excited to be featured in this week’s Frolic newsletter as the February Freebie, discussing why I love the intersection of politics and romantic suspense. I’m also giving away five digital copies of the book!

012221 | Thanks to Central Carolina Community College for including a blurb about Mine By Design in the college news feed for employees. It’s called ‘Cougar Bites,’ and it makes me giggle every time I see it.

010621 | Chatham author’s new novel takes on a corrupt politician

010421Preorders have begun to show up for ebooks.

122820MINE BY DESIGN will release February 3, 2021. Pre-order and purchase links coming soon!

111320 | Turned in edits on my final galley this morning and it felt pretty awesome.

081420 | Check out the exclusive cover reveal for MINE BY DESIGN at Frolic! Wahoo!

081020 | Just got the final cover art design and it’s so pretty, thanks to cover artist Diana Carlile. I’ve got an exciting reveal planned with Frolic! Check back soon for details.

073120 | Do you love to read romance? Do you love to write romance? Check out my shop at Threadless and proclaim your love for the greatest genre!
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071020 | Tagline and blurb have been approved for MINE BY DESIGN!

051320 | My local newspaper is covering authors during this time of productivity, and they included me (I also write children’s books, am a book reviewer with BookPage and Frolic, and am an adjunct in the Creative Writing Programs at two local community colleges).

030820 | I signed a contract for my forthcoming full-length romantic suspense, MINE BY DESIGN, with the Wild Rose Press. I am so excited! I’ll update the release date when I’ve got it.

030220 | Exciting things are afoot in this new decade, following my long road to recovery. Stay tuned!

123019 | It’s been an exercise in patience following my head injury, but I’m excited to have finished my first full novel (a contemporary political suspense)! Cross your fingers for it finding a successful new home!

101119 | Had a nice conversation with local reporter Randall Rigsbee … here’s the article: Despite initial resistance to the genre, romance books shape local writer’s world. A fun side note–my husband and I were in Paris celebrating our 25th anniversary when this published, so that was a fun series of calls to get from friends.

010119 | Excited to begin the New Year as a Contributor with Frolic … check out my monthly recommendations for romantic suspense, as Dolly R. Sickles

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100218 | Excited to begin working as a Contributor with BookPage, covering a broad spectrum from the romance genre.

010218 | Excited to begin the New Year as a Contributor with USA Today’s Happy Ever After … check out my weekly recommendations for romantic suspense, as Dolly R. Sickles

123117 | Out with the old, in with the new! I’m updating my site to reflect my new norm … which really reflects the fact that all four of my books have rolled off of copyright or the small publishers have closed. I’m stocking up on good karma with the hopes of a publisher picking up a book in 2018! Happy New Year, y’all!

012213 | 4-star review for The Great Outdoors from Night Owl Review. Woot!

011413 | 5-star review at AllRomance for a backlist title: The Penalty Box!

122812 | Listen to my interview with Sit. Write. Bleed.’s Jay Requard

122812 | Check out my New Year’s resolution at today’s
Daily Dose of Decadence.

112912 | Check out how my alter ego, Dolly Sickles, feels about elevator sex in romance novels over at Heroes & Heartbreakers.

112812 | Get your Daily Dose of Decadence and let me know if you travel for the holidays.

112812 | My question is in rotation with The Romance Reviews Year-End Splash Party. Hop by for a chance to win!

112312 | Hop by for my Decadent Publishing Black Friday Blog Hop contest.

092612 | Add a little role-playing to your day with my Daily Dose of Decadence.

083112 | Did you read my interview with the awesome Avery Flynn? She stopped by to celebrate the release of Passion Creek.

082912 | Your Daily Dose of Decadence is in the Bag

080212 | Get your Daily Dose of Decadence with Sex and the Olympics!

071812 | What do Paul McCartney and the romance genre have in common? Check it out at Bookin’ It Reviews today

071112 | Check out my Spotlight & Review on Love to Read Romance

071012 | Congratulations to Tonya P., one of the Week One winners for TRR’s Sizzling Summer Reads Party 2012. She won a copy of THE GREAT OUTDOORS!

070912 | Congratulations to Lisa G, winner of my hop on the 1NS Blog Hop! Thanks for participating, y’all!

062712 | Check out my Realmantic Moment with Lila Munro

062012 | I’m spending the Summer Solstice with Jessica E. Subject’s out-of-this-world blog. Check out the interview and leave a comment if you’ve got time.

062012 | Silly sidebar: USA Today’s blog, Happy Ever After, which celebrates all things romance novel-wise, re-tweeted Jessica’s blurb about my interview. Squee!


061212 | Check out my interview over at Cocktails & Books … they’ve got a giveaway!

060712 | Learn what musical arrangements and musical tropes have in common with my guest post at Sarah Ballance‘s blog.

053112 | Giveaway alert! Leave a comment on my guest blog at Reader Girls for a chance to win an Amazon $5 gift certificate.

052812 | Check out my Spotlight at Simply Ali!

052212 | I’m spending the week over at Romancing the Book with a guest post on how Romantic Gestures Make the Heart Soar. Contest alert!

051412 | Stop #2: The Romance Book Junkies. Prize alert!

050812 | My 11-week blog tour kicked off today! Join me across the world wide web for adventurous guest blogging, giveaways, and reviews!

050812 | 4-star review for The Great Outdoors from Tamaria Soana

041812 | 4 star-review for The Great Outdoors
from Manic Readers

041812 | 4 stars-review for The Great Outdoors
from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

041512 | Another great 4-star review of The Great Outdoors from
The TBR Pile

041112 | A great 4-star review for The Great Outdoors from You Gotta Read Reviews!

032612 | From March 26 – 30 Closer to My Heart is a free read on Amazon. If you don’t already have it, download it free on your Kindle this week!

032612 | Exciting news this morning: read (and watch) all about my foray into children’s books and the world of romance on’s Go Ask Mom!

032212 | Check out my Daily Dose of Decadence guest blog: Traveling is Very Romantic. If you could choose your own romantic adventure, what would it be?

032112 | I’m excited to offer the question for Day 21 of The Romance Reviews One Year Anniversary celebration. Log in to play games, scroll down the page to Question 16, and have fun! Good luck. 

032012 | The Great Outdoors released today! Squee!!! 

031812 | SO exciting to see Decadent Publishing’s home page that says …
Coming Tuesday! 

030112 | Oh, I’m so excited to share the beautiful cover for The Great Outdoors
my upcoming 1Night Stand with Decadent Publishing! Isn’t it lovely! 

022812 | My latest contemporary romance novella, Guardian Angel, is today’s Revolving Book. If you get a chance, check it out on one of the following locations. Leave a comment if you don’t mind. Check the blogpost for the different links. 

021512 | I’m happy to participate in the one year anniversary party for The Romance Reviews, running online from March 1 – 31. I’ll be giving away a copy of my most recent novella with Evernight Publishing, Guardian Angel on Day 21. 

012512 | I’ll see y’all at Lady Jane’s Salon RDU tonight! 

012512 | I’m excited to announce my first daily dose of decadence over at Decadent Publishing! Check out today’s topic, Rugged Wear and Tear in The Great Outdoors when you get a chance. 

011112 | I’ll be joining Catherine Gayle and Marcia Colette at the Lady Jane’s Salon – Raleigh Durham on Wednesday, January 25 … and I hope you’ll come out to show a little love, share a fine meal, and smile ’til your cheeks hurt. 

123011 | I love those gals over at Romancing the Book! I hope you’ll take a few minutes and read my interview for Guardian Angel. You’ll get the back story on setting and characters, and a quick glimpse of what’s next for me. 

122411 | I’m really excited to announce that I have a short story under contract with Decadence Publishing‘s 1 Night Stand series. It’s called The Great Outdoors, and will be out in 2012. 

112911 | The Optimistic Gardener is well underway to becoming a wonderful contemporary romantic adventure! I’ve planted the seeds, and can now begin the editing and polishing phases. Who knows, maybe this time next year it’ll be on the shelves! I’m celebrating my NaNoWriMo win with a little Wonder Woman Theme Music. Enjoy! 

111311 | Today, you can read the first chapter of my new contemporary romance, Guardian Angel, which was published through Evernight Publishing in October. I hope you’ll swing by and leave a comment! 

111011 | Backlist alert: I’ve updated my first contemporary romance, called The Right Words, and re-issued it under the title Closer to My Heart. It’s available in print and as an e-book. I hope you’ll check it out! 

110111 | If you need me this month, text or e-mail me. I’m off to NaNoWriMo, working on a romantic suspense called The Optimistic Gardener. Wish me luck! 

101411 | I am so excited to announce that my first contemporary romance with Evernight Publishers is now available: Guardian Angel. 

101211 | NaNoWriMo … Here I come. Again! Just signed up for my second year. Crossing my fingers for continued creativity! 

100811 | What an exciting way to start the day … I woke up to a link to a great review from Romancing the Book! 

093011 | I turned in my final edits for Guardian Angel today, and know that my official release date will be … Friday, October 14. 

092411 | I’m so excited to join the Evernight Publishing family, and equally excited to celebrate their first anniversary. In the spirit of celebration, Evernight Publishing is having a week-long party for its authors and readers, from September 25 – October 2, with exciting prizes, giveaways and a great stable of romance authors. 

091811 | I always love spending time over at Romancing the Book, and today you can check out my playlist for ICING ON THE CAKE. 

091411 | Having fun going through edits for Guardian Angel. What are you doing today? 

083111 | Mark your calendars: HCRW is hosting Cherry Adair on October 8 for a workshop titled: Layering and Texturing … How to polish and fine-tune your novel and make it great. Hope to see you there! 

081811 | Absolutely LOVE the cover art for my upcoming novella with Evernight Publishing, Guardian Angel. It’s one of the most beautiful covers ever! 

081011 | Stop by Romancing the Book for a behind the scenes view of … well, me. 

071811 | 4-Stars for The Right Words from Mia at The Romance Reviews! 

060811 | Leave a reply on the Romancing the Book Blogoversary to win a copy of my first two books: The Right Words and The Penalty Box. 

061311 | Icing on the Cake is now available! 

052112 | Love the cover art for Icing on the Cake! 

041011 | Check out my SPOTLIGHT, with the Chicks of Characterization. 

040611 | Finished my first set or edits … with a dude. What a trip. It’s one thing to talk about sex with another woman; it’s totally different to work with a man. I kept giggling and thinking, “Thank God he doesn’t want me to use the word ‘package’.” 

021411 | I finished and submitted the second book in my contemporary series about the fictional Carolina Oak Leaves hockey team to XOXO Publishing. The first in the series, The Penalty Box, received great reviews.