Starting Chapter Twenty-Six of my love story today.

We went to Paris in the fall to celebrate our 26th anniversary. Though we’ll be at home this year, thanks to COVID-19, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in Mr. Moore’s arms. oxox

All it takes is a spark …

It’s been a long road back to publishing following the traumatic brain injury I suffered in 2012. Nearly eight years, to be exact. When it happened, I was on a roll. I had five romances out, and my first children’s book was newly released. And then … nothing.

For a while I thought my brain would never heal. That I would never publish another book. That I would never get the voices and stories swirling in my head onto paper. But I did it. A couple weeks ago, I signed a contract for a new romantic suspense with a small publisher, and I am over the moon. Over. The. Moon.

So I want to tell you that a career reboot, like an idea, begins with a spark. Don’t give up. Stay positive. Keep trying. Believe in yourself. I’ll post more about my forthcoming novel soon. Until then … watch me burn.

Here’s a photo of me dancing with a T-Rex shrub in London in February. That’s how happy my good news makes me. Hope it makes you smile, and I hope it encourages you to find a spark. šŸ™‚