Hot shot graphic novelist Sasha Mitchell is learning how to adjust to life as an underground hero with one of the hottest video games on the market. Her newfound wealth is no replacement for her brother’s recent passing, though, and certainly no balm to Doctor David Ellington, who’s adjusting to life without the dominating wealth of his powerful father. And even though this senator’s son is far more interested in making his mark in the community through the clinic where he volunteers, he still has to overcome decades of enforced emotional barrenness to let Sasha’s powerful character reignite his passion.

ISBN 978-1-926950-93-8
Digital edition $4.50
Published Oct 14, 2011

Sometimes being the charismatic ‘Mister Popular’ of hockey just isn’t enough, and getting caught in the middle of a sex scandal involving the owner of his team’s wife was the wrong place for Quinn Dawson to be. Neither is being interviewed by journalist Hellon Masters on her new national broadcast. But in order for Hellon to prove her chops she’s got to work with the Mighty Quinn. Neither expected to find a kindred spirit. 

ISBN 978-1-927027-14-1
Published June 4, 2011

Everyone thought NHL superstar Justin Mangum was crazy when he announced his retirement five games into a winning season because he was tired of being knocked around and wanted to settle into a private physical therapy practice. But a year later, when he runs into Olivia Casey, rising star in the architecture world, he couldn’t be in a better place. Could it be the stars were finally aligning and they’d wind up lucky in love, or would they find themselves in the penalty box? 

ISBN 978-1-897521-47-2
Published September 11, 2010

Jane Porter’s life is all about fiction, but when it comes to dealing with her inconsiderate upstairs tenant, she’s all business. The cuffs are off when her noisy neighbor jolts her out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night. Imagine her surprise to find the offending party is not her flighty neighbor, but the very handsome Lucas Moore. Discouraged when a recurrent nightmare drives Lucas from another sleepless night, he figures a hard run is the perfect physical distraction to help him get back to sleep. Half an hour into his groove, pounding on the door stops him in his tracks. Who knew opening it would change the course of his life. Can a dangerous, ex-government agent and a friendly, outgoing writer have anything in common other than combustible physical attraction? 

*NOTE: this is an updated re-issue of The Right Words, originally published May 2010 by XOXO Publishing. (c) 2010, 2011 Becky Moore.