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Happy 200th #1NS Book Birthday, Decadent Publishing!

BM-TGO-432x648We’re big birthday celebrators at my house. Come on, when else do you have a day that’s yours, and yours alone?

Since my birthday’s in February, I’m over the moon to celebrate the 200th Book Birthday for Decadent Publishing’s highly popular and acclaimed 1 Night Stand series.

My 1NS, The Great Outdoors, published in May 2012 and includes some of my very favorite things in the world: hiking, kayaking, and wandering through the great outdoors with a sexy outdoorsman.

I hope you’ll take this opportunity to check out some of the fabulous 1 Night Stand stories from Decadent Publishing … and if you haven’t yet gotten a copy of mine, then by all means check it out. Hopefully, you’ll have more Becky Moore titles available from Decadent Publishing in the near future.

It’s a birthday, right? How about some PRIZES! 

One lucky winner will receive a copy of my 1NS, The Great Outdoors, along with a $5 Starbucks card. I’ll announce the winner on Sunday, October 21. Just answer the following question in the comments below, and check back this week for more questions (which will give you more opportunities to win!):
– – > What is your favorite form of escapism, if you only had one night?


Decadent Publishing is giving away a couple of fun prizes, too, so make sure you sign up for the Rafflecopter giveaway:

  • $25 Fandango Movie Gift Card, plus 5 1Night Stand series ebooks of winner’s choice
  • Paperback from Decadent Publishing’s vault, plus Decadent swag
  • 5 winners–2 1Night Stand ebooks of winner’s choice.

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Blog Tour Stop #7: Cocktails and Books

My sister-in-law runs in every 5K that presents itself in Charlotte. Sometimes she’s running for cancer; sometimes it’s for the Church of What’s Happening Now; and sometimes it’s just a competitive race to boost her on to the next one in the circuit. But one awesome offering that pervades these charitable efforts in North Carolina’s Queen City is … AM ale.

That’s right, people: beer in the morning. It’s hot down here in the South, thank the Lord, so our races begin in the wee hours of the morning when the sun’s still drowsy and the lightning bugs illuminate the way. By the time you roll across the finish line at 10:30 or 11:00, you’ve been up half a day. And it’s time for a nice cold beer.

Soccer is my running sport of choice, along with hiking, kayaking, swimming, and cycling, and unfortunately, unless we bring it along with us, there is no AM ale. But I love the prospect of watching her races and celebrating at the finish line with her.

AM ale is as natural as peas and carrots, chicken and dumplings, franks and beans, Cocktails and Books. There’s a genius at work who sees the value in pairing two traditionally unusual offerings, and making them work.

Speaking of cocktails … I’ve got an interview over at Cocktails and Books this week, along with a giveaway for a $5 Amazon gift card. I hope you’ll swing by and leave a comment to this question:

What’s your favorite kind of adventure, whether you read it, watch it … or experience it?

(Spread the word, y’all.)


Blog Tour Stop #5: Reader Girls

I love the whole idea of blog tours, as a participating author and as a reader curious about my favorite authors. The combination of guest blogspots and interviews keeps it interesting … plus, I’m amazed at some of the most excellent questions.

Today I’m being interviewed over at Reader Girls, who are a lot of fun. We’re talking about adventure and the main characters from The Great Outdoors.

Giveaway alert: I’m giving away a $5 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner. All you need to do is answer the following question, and leave your comment on the Reader Girls site:

What is your favorite kind of adventure–whether you read it, watch it … or experience it?

Good luck!

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Blog Tour Stop #2: Romance Book Junkies

All aboard for sizzling adventure in The Great Outdoors!
It’s time for stop #2 on my whirlwind summer blog tour.

Today we’re visiting the Romance Book Junkies, where I’m discussing Choose Your Own Adventure … with Romance Books.

If you could go anywhere in the world, with anyone you could imagine, and have limitless funds: what would your adventure be?

So swing by the Romance Book Junkies this week and leave a comment. One lucky winner will win a $5 Amazon gift card.


‘Guardian Angel’ Interview: Romancing the Book

I love those gals over at Romancing the Book! I hope you’ll take a few minutes and read my interview for Guardian Angel. You’ll get the back story on setting and characters, and a quick glimpse of what’s next for me.

Act now because they’re running a contest for a PDF copy of Guardian Angel. And, as always, leave a comment if you’ve got time!

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This week’s SPOTLIGHT at the Chicks of Characterization has been fun. I’ve enjoyed the format they use — a different bit of information everyday instead of an interview — and reading some of the comments.

  • Monday included a blurb and link to my most recent book, The Penalty Box;
  • Tuesday shared my bio;
  • today the Andrea and Corrina have posted reviews of my two e-books;
  • Thursday will spotlight the blurb for my forthcoming book, Icing on the Cake; and
  • Friday will post the first chapter from Icing on the Cake.

Plus, I’ll be giving away one digital copy of The Right Words and one digital copy of The Penalty Box on Saturday morning. So swing by and leave a comment when you get a chance (each day’s entry has a comment field)!