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Great Review for “The Great Outdoors” from @NightOwlReviews

four-starsSo excited to get a review from Night Owl Reviews today … and not just a review, but a great 4-star review!

Don’t ever think 1 Night Stand stories are all the same, because they’re not.  This story while full of sexual attraction and two really great characters, has them taking a long date.  This date is enjoying the outdoors and is absolutely wonderful and a great change as most of this series takes place in large cities.  Not only that, Tallulah and Mitchell take the time to talk and feel each other out prior to the hot sex.  These two professionals are that professional.  There is no jumping into bed without learning about the other, no just running away from a terrific position but there is more than attraction; there is the opportunity of a real match.  As always, this was a wonderful story and a terrific way to check out an author that you may not know.

But what really means the most to me in this review is that the reviewer totally got it! I’m not an erotic author, per se … but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like really sexy sex with my romances. And thanks, Terri, for reminding folks that this 1NS is a great way to check out a new-to-you author.

For the full review, read here.

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Great backlist review for “The Penalty Box” @AllRomance

The Penalty Box It’s always exciting to get a great review, and it’s especially exciting to get a great review on a backlist romance! Check out what picturelady had to say about The Penalty Box at All Romance:

Enjoyed this book! I read it in one sitting, couldn’t put it down. Love Hockey Romace and this one even has a little suspense thrown in! LOVED!

Thanks a lot! You’ve helped to kick start my enthusiasm for 2013!


Wonderful 5-Star Review from, Long and Short Reviews!

Big smiles and gold stars to Aster for her wonderful, exciting review of my
1 Night Stand, The Great Outdoors! I’m so happy she liked Mitch and Tallulah’s story. Here’s a quick excerpt … but you can read the full review here.

The sex is hot, and definitely helps to strengthen the connection between Mitch and Lou. Their immediate physical attraction is enhanced when they realize they share similar interests and each is so different from the people that have hurt them in the past. Their only stumbling block? They live in different cities and different states. They quickly realize the obstacle they need to overcome, but refuse to allow it to overshadow their short time together.

I loved both characters and in a short few pages, the author conveys their past hurts, the way they overcame them, and their desire for new partners. In such a situation, a rebound is a natural assumption, but not for these two, and I credit that to the talent of the author.

As always, I’m left wanting more, but that’s because these characters are so likable. It’s hard not to root for them! If you want a quick, hot, and enjoyable read, definitely check this one out!

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Blog Tour Stop #10: Spotlight & Review @LoveToReadRomBk

Check out my spotlight and review for THE GREAT OUTDOORS at
Love to Read Romance Books.

Tallulah and Mitch’s great little magical adventure was a great short escape. At first you don’t think they fit together very well, but once you get to know more of her stories you realize Madame Evangeline is always right! It was very well written with great characters and a satisfying ending. Enjoy! I did!

If you’ve got time, please leave a comment while you’re there! Happy reading!


So Excited for Another Great Review!

I’ll tell you, I LOVE working with Decadent Publishing, and I learned so much during the different editorial phases for my 1Night Stand. Hard work pays off, for sure. What a way to wrap up a great day, but with another GREAT review for my most recent contemporary erotic romance, The Great Outdoors.

Check out the blurb on Manic Readers:

The Great Outdoors is a sweet and sexy read that has heartwarming characters and an exciting storyline filled with flowers, waterfalls, and starry nights. Best of all, it has that warm feeling of finding love that is worth the heartache from before, because now you realize what you really want and deserve. Pick up a copy of The Great Outdoors today and find yourself enjoying the ride!

And here’s part of the full review at Sizzling Hot Reviews:

The Great Outdoors is a wonderful tale of two people who are more than they appear to be. Both of them were hurt in their past relationship which led them to close off from the rest of the world. They didn’t want to be hurt again. Their previous partners also destroyed a bit of their self-esteem and made them doubt their own choices. I loved how Becky Moore was able to show that Lou and Mitch were perfect for each other, not based on their looks but on the shared interests that they had. Both of them had a love for the outdoors and were willing to share in what they liked, hiking and kayaking, together which was very different than what their previous partners ever did.

Of course I’d like for you to read my 1Night Stand, but if you haven’t gotten into the series, it’s really fun. Happy reading!

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Great Review from the TBR Pile!

What exciting news to get this afternoon …
Kari at the TBR Pile enjoyed my 1Night Stand story, The Great Outdoors!

I thought this one was a cute story.  Both Tallulah and Mitchell are great characters.  They seem to be opposites, but they are so right for each other. Of course that is what Madame does best.  She finds the perfect matches and they never fail!  I was pretty satisfied with the length of  The Great Outdoors.  I felt like I got to know both of the characters pretty well.   This novella is well written and has a very satisfying ending.  It’s a quick read and I definitely think you should give it a shot!

Swing by and leave a comment if you’ve got time, and be sure to check out some of their other content.


4-Stars for ‘Icing on the Cake’!

What an exciting way to start the day … I woke up to a link to a great review from Romancing the Book! Check out a quick blurb:

I love a good romance novel. I love a good author. I loved this story! It’s a short story, just 59 pages, but Becky Moore packs it full of passion and awesomeness  … I totally recommend this with 4 stars. It’s a fun, captivating, quick read that will leave your heart pounding and a smile on your face. I went back and looked at Becky Moore’s other works, and I can’t wait to get started on them! Great job, Becky!

For the full review, go to Romancing the Book Review: Icing on the Cake.