Love responsibly

As romance authors, it’s important that the stories we tell have a happy ending. It’s the founding tenant of the genre. But as responsible adults, it’s also in our purview to weave yarns with responsibility. On this 37th annual World AIDS Day, I am reminded of the importance of my responsibility to include the usage of condoms in intimacy scenes I write. I am reminded of my responsibility to encourage condom usage with my readers, because not everybody had the same comprehensive sex education as young people.

“Approximately 1.2 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV today” ( Today, there is still no cure for HIV disease. There is no cure for AIDS. So that means that if you do not have HIV disease, you need to know how to not get it. And if you do have HIV disease, you need to know how to not spread it.

Get tested.
Know your status.
Wear a condom.
– Communicate with your partner.
– Love responsibly.

Until the cure …


Starting Chapter Twenty-Six of my love story today.

We went to Paris in the fall to celebrate our 26th anniversary. Though we’ll be at home this year, thanks to COVID-19, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in Mr. Moore’s arms. oxox

All it takes is a spark …

It’s been a long road back to publishing following the traumatic brain injury I suffered in 2012. Nearly eight years, to be exact. When it happened, I was on a roll. I had five romances out, and my first children’s book was newly released. And then … nothing.

For a while I thought my brain would never heal. That I would never publish another book. That I would never get the voices and stories swirling in my head onto paper. But I did it. A couple weeks ago, I signed a contract for a new romantic suspense with a small publisher, and I am over the moon. Over. The. Moon.

So I want to tell you that a career reboot, like an idea, begins with a spark. Don’t give up. Stay positive. Keep trying. Believe in yourself. I’ll post more about my forthcoming novel soon. Until then … watch me burn.

Here’s a photo of me dancing with a T-Rex shrub in London in February. That’s how happy my good news makes me. Hope it makes you smile, and I hope it encourages you to find a spark. 🙂

Apparently, I need my own rocket

rocketI had to chuckle this morning while reading the newspaper, when I came across this quick blurb:

For the last few years during our son’s spring break, we’ve taken big trips. Our favorites have been the last two years: an epic hiking adventure through Sedona and the Grand Canyon; and a countrywide trip through Belize, from the barrier reefs, across the tropical rainforest of the Maya Mountains, and then on to the ancient Mayan ruins of Xunantunich along the border of Guatemala.

This year we’d planned an adventure to Valencia, Spain. Then Mother Nature got involved, and decided to whip central North Carolina through a winter blend of snow, sleet and ice … repeatedly. Over two weeks of school days were frozen, literally. The governor forgave three days, tacked another three on to the end of the year, filled in two teacher workdays, and deleted one day of Spring Break. But by taking away the Friday of spring break, we are relegated to traveling on Saturday … which means we lose another full day of travel getting to a destination, then another full day home.

So, our travel distance has been substantially shortened. We thought, ‘we’ll just go to the Caribbean.’ But we can’t get there from here–at least, not directly. Two or three hops, plus an overnight stay and an eight or nine hour total of time in the air. Then we thought, we’ll just go out west to hike, maybe New Mexico this time. Ten hours. San Diego or Oregon? Eleven hours. Sigh.

But the Russian rocket can get from the Earth to the International Space Station in “less than six hours.” I’m pretty sure that’s much farther than from North Carolina to Dominica. How can I get my own rocket?