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every story deserves a happy ending

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Happy Pi Day!

This writer loves the mathematical constant of Pi … because sixteen years ago I was holding my greatest bundle of joy in my arms for the first time. It’s hard to believe he’s taller, stronger, and hairier than me. Seriously, when did he get those hairy man legs?

Here was Peyton's first up-close glimpse of the Caribbean Sea, in the small fishing village of Hopkins in the south of Belize.

Here was Peyton’s first up-close glimpse of the Caribbean Sea, in the small fishing village of Hopkins in the south of Belize. Looking at it takes me back to that wonderful adventure.

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Happy Anniversary, Westley and Buttercup!

I could watch The Princess Bride every day until I dry up and float away. It’s that good. The perfect mix of adventure, charm, comedy, romance, and wit … it’s a gem for all ages.

But perhaps one of my favorite things to come out of The Princess Bride is Princess Buttercup. We loved the character and the movie so much, that we bestowed her name upon our most precious of characters, our Basset hound … Penelope Buttercup. And oh, what a wonderful character she was. On this 25th anniversary of The Princess Bride, I am reminded of how much I loved our Penny, and how much she loved us. Look how beautiful she was.


A Battle of the Doctors

Music is a big part of life here at Becky Moore central. At any point during the day, it’s playing somewhere. I typically keep WCPE 88.9 FM playing during the day (it’s our local classical station that streams worldwide). While we’re cooking dinner we listen to our Red Hot Chili Peppers or California Soul stations on Pandora. And at night we like to listen to our Pink Martini Pandora mix. But on Fridays, I jam out to Michael Jackson.

This morning I was sorting through a stack of CDs, looking for our copy of The Iron Giant … we’re watching it outside tonight, under the stars, and having pizza. šŸ™‚ In the mass of discs, I found the missing Disc Two from my Kiss Box Set. And ohmigod, I’m so happy! God of Thunder! Beth! Christine Sixteen! Hard Luck Woman!

But as I listened to Calling Dr. Love, it occurred to me that my other favorite doctorĀ is Dr. Everything’ll Be Alright. He’s Prince’s doctor, too. And I had to listen to a little Prince and Let’s Go Crazy … and then Raspberry Beret. And now my concentration’s all shot.

Which doctor would you prefer: Dr. Love, or Dr. Everything’ll Be Alright?

My husband would choose Prince, of course, which has always cracked me up. He’s a lifelong classical afficianado, having played first chair to Nicholas Kitchen during his Duke String School days. But in the midst of all his violin’ing, he’s the only person I’ve met to seeĀ theĀ Prince and the Revelation’sĀ Purple Rain tour. With Sheila E. and Morris Day and The Time. Bastard.

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The Challenge of A Good Idea

Two weeks ago, I fell face-first into the hard tile bathroom floor, making no attempt to stop the fall. The emergency room doctors and the neurologist agreed that I was unconscious before I hit, hence the lack of injuries on my wrists–but the blow knocked me out for nearly five minutes. My husband said he thought I was dead. But, such was not the case … just laid out cold from the pain and shock of passing my first kidney stone. The ensuing two weeks, in the shadow of a traumatic brain injury, have been an exercise in patience–of which I am sadly lacking. Luckily I have a great sense of humor, and am happy to smile in the face of adversity while I get back to myself.

But it has shed a little light on recent teasing I’ve been getting my mom with this summer. Here’s the situation:

The alert tone on my iPhone e-mail and text messaging is a simple, clear, crisp ding! A pretty little tone that’s neither invasive, nor annoying. Early in June mom was riding with me in the car and the ding! sounded. She looked a little shocked at the sound, because I typically have my phone set to vibrate … but with my son on the go, I keep the sounds on in case he’s trying to reach me.

Mom said, “Did you hear that bell … what was it?”

And with the straightest, most earnest expression I could muster, I said, “Oh, that’s the sound of a good idea.”

And kept on driving. Never cracked a smile, never looked back at her to see if she was laughing. After a moment she said, “Oh. Cool!”

So I drove for another minute or so before I started laughing so hard that I nearly peed and then almost ran us off the road. Oh. My. God. It was so funny. My mother is so much fun on any given day, but her sweet, trusting self is almost too much sometimes. Holy shit, it was funny. Well, she laughed and agreed, “Good grief!” And then I told my husband and son, and we all thought it was the bees knees.

And then I fell. And my husband has teased me for two weeks, particularly when I can make it through a conversation without saying something totally non-sequitor. I’ve had to keep my cell phone in my pocket when I’m moving around the house, like a little beacon for him and a lifeline for me … lest I fall again. (PS. no more kidney stone = no more fainting from pain … but it’s taking the mister a little time to overcome the horror of finding me unconscious.) It’s a hot mess, I tell you.

Yesterday, the pretty little ding! sounded in my pocket and me and the boys snickered, as usual. My soul mate smiled and said, holding his finger up in a eureka! pose, “Oh! A good idea!”

We’ve decided as penance for being assholes about the ding!, that whenever it sounds we have to say an idea out loud. It’s easy to voice a quick idea on the fly. The challenge is in coming up with a good one …

Could you do it? A good idea on the fly?



Happy Independence Day!

If you haven’t read the Declaration of IndependenceĀ since you were in school, today’s the perfect day to refresh your spirit of independence. I’m so thankful to live in our great country, for the duty and service of our soldiers and their families, for the tireless hours put forth by our community non-profit organizations and educators, and for the freedoms afforded me because of the hard work of my fellow Americans.

Happy Independence Day!

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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Me and the Marching Band

I L.O.V.E. marching band music. Love, love, love it. At some point in my life, I would love to be led in by a big, badass marching band. I’ll go anywhere if a band will lead me in. Think the USC TrojanĀ MarchingĀ band playing TuskĀ magnitude. Or, in my local North Carolina market, the Platinum Sound of the Shaw University Bears or the streamlined drumline of Raleigh’sĀ Helping Hand Mission Band.

I was listening to my “Moves Like Jagger” Pandora station this morning and LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem came on. That always gets the blood pumping, so I thought it might be fun to see the Kia commercial, with the little gerbils and the HALO-like soldiers shufflin’. Instead, I found this awesome video of the Ohio University marching band. What a terrific band director to let these kids do this.

Now I’m thinking I’d like to see a mash-up of full marching band wearing jacked up LMFAO spandex outfits. THAT would make my day.