Happy 14th Anniversary, LASR

I’m excited to participate in the Long and Short Reviews 14th anniversary celebration. They have a great review of The Great Outdoors, a One Night Stand short story I wrote a couple years ago. That’s a lot of great reviews for a lot of years. Next week they’ll be giving away prizes, including gift cards and fun stuff. Check back for more details!

Blog Tour Stop #10: Spotlight & Review @LoveToReadRomBk

Check out my spotlight and review for THE GREAT OUTDOORS at
Love to Read Romance Books.

Tallulah and Mitch’s great little magical adventure was a great short escape. At first you don’t think they fit together very well, but once you get to know more of her stories you realize Madame Evangeline is always right! It was very well written with great characters and a satisfying ending. Enjoy! I did!

If you’ve got time, please leave a comment while you’re there! Happy reading!

Blog Tour Stop #8: Jessica E. Subject

It’s fitting that on the summer solstice, my blog tour for The Great Outdoors would roll into Jessica E. Subject’s out-of-this-world … well, world.

My family, long part of Mother Nature’s posse, loves to celebrate Apollo’s sunny season. There’s a lot of daylight to use today, so whether you’re partying at Stonehenge, toasting Saint Hans, or hitching a ride on a spaceship, put on an extra layer of sunscreen and head outside to celebrate the summer.

On the way, I hope you’ll check out my interview with Jessica and leave a comment.

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Blog Tour Stop #7: Cocktails and Books

My sister-in-law runs in every 5K that presents itself in Charlotte. Sometimes she’s running for cancer; sometimes it’s for the Church of What’s Happening Now; and sometimes it’s just a competitive race to boost her on to the next one in the circuit. But one awesome offering that pervades these charitable efforts in North Carolina’s Queen City is … AM ale.

That’s right, people: beer in the morning. It’s hot down here in the South, thank the Lord, so our races begin in the wee hours of the morning when the sun’s still drowsy and the lightning bugs illuminate the way. By the time you roll across the finish line at 10:30 or 11:00, you’ve been up half a day. And it’s time for a nice cold beer.

Soccer is my running sport of choice, along with hiking, kayaking, swimming, and cycling, and unfortunately, unless we bring it along with us, there is no AM ale. But I love the prospect of watching her races and celebrating at the finish line with her.

AM ale is as natural as peas and carrots, chicken and dumplings, franks and beans, Cocktails and Books. There’s a genius at work who sees the value in pairing two traditionally unusual offerings, and making them work.

Speaking of cocktails … I’ve got an interview over at Cocktails and Books this week, along with a giveaway for a $5 Amazon gift card. I hope you’ll swing by and leave a comment to this question:

What’s your favorite kind of adventure, whether you read it, watch it … or experience it?

(Spread the word, y’all.)