Crazy voicemails

I love Google voicemail transcriptions. We’ve got them set on our phones to transcribe and texts the content to us in a message. And man, oh man, does it hit the spot every now and then.

My son’s in the ninth grade, and runs on his high school track team. He’s a sprinter, and they’re finishing up “indoor” winter track this week and will transition to spring “outdoor” track next week. He’s fast … he runs the 200m in about 23 seconds. This week he’s been placing in the top third, with the upper classmen and classwomen, which both makes me beam with pride and groan in pain at the workout his legs and lungs get. But his big treat after workouts: a tall glass of lowfat chocolate milk. It’s got just the right amount of potassium to help with aches and pains, and the calcium’s good for his 14-year-old bones.

Today we needed to stop at the Teet (read: Harris Teeter) for more milk, so we went ahead and got everything on the grocery list. I asked the mini me to text my husband to let him know he could just come straight home after working out at the Y, rather than swinging by the grocery. He said, “I’m going to send dad a text this way,” and spoke it out loud to Siri, trusting she’d translate and send it correctly.

Here’s what was actually sent:



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2 Responses to Crazy voicemails

  1. Beckey says:

    LoL… Those translation things only a work a third of the time… Noticed for me personally it skips words too ugh…

    (side note noticing he isn’t one convey emotions via text: no love ya 2 … I have one like that too … I feel like a parrot when I repeat it a second time in CAPS to get my point across.)

    • beckymoore says:

      I love all caps, Beckey. Actually, this conversation was between my son and my husband. The standing rule with me (for anyone) is if you want me to reply to a text you send, it better be in a full sentence. No leet-speak for me. My son’s really good about it with me; then again, he hates being ignored. 🙂

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