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September 30, 2012 / beckymoore

Wonderful 5-Star Review from, Long and Short Reviews!

Big smiles and gold stars to Aster for her wonderful, exciting review of my
1 Night Stand, The Great Outdoors! I’m so happy she liked Mitch and Tallulah’s story. Here’s a quick excerpt … but you can read the full review here.

The sex is hot, and definitely helps to strengthen the connection between Mitch and Lou. Their immediate physical attraction is enhanced when they realize they share similar interests and each is so different from the people that have hurt them in the past. Their only stumbling block? They live in different cities and different states. They quickly realize the obstacle they need to overcome, but refuse to allow it to overshadow their short time together.

I loved both characters and in a short few pages, the author conveys their past hurts, the way they overcame them, and their desire for new partners. In such a situation, a rebound is a natural assumption, but not for these two, and I credit that to the talent of the author.

As always, I’m left wanting more, but that’s because these characters are so likable. It’s hard not to root for them! If you want a quick, hot, and enjoyable read, definitely check this one out!



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  1. Avid Reader / Oct 1 2012 12:37 am

    I loved this book also. Congratulations on the excellent review 🙂

  2. Rah-Rah / Oct 1 2012 12:40 am

    Excellent quick read!

  3. beckymoore / Oct 1 2012 5:16 am

    Thanks! That 1NS series is great.

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