Packing My Traveling Books … Got Suggestions?

Me and the boys … my 40 year old, and my 14 year old … are going to Sedona, Arizona in a week and we’re getting our stuff together. Hiking boots, sunscreen, wide-brimmed sunhat – check. Camelback, water bottles, bathing suits – check. Now it’s on to the real goods: entertainment.

Our games are already distributed in suitcases: Quiddler, Cinqo, Bananagrams; our iPads are loaded with movies for the flight; and our group games are queued up – Scrabble, Trade Nations, Boggle, and Battleship. I’d like to have three or four books … it’s a long flight from North Carolina to Arizona, after all. I’ve got a $10 gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket, and here’s what on my gotta-buy-oneday list:

Have you read any of them yet? Got thoughts one way or the other? I’d love a great, sexy suspense … or perhaps a collection of contemporary novellas. 

Got any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Packing My Traveling Books … Got Suggestions?

  1. Have you read the First Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones? Or how about Donnell Ann Bell’s The Past Came Hunting? Neither are super sizzling with sex, but I loved both.

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