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The Great Outdoors Scavenger Hunt: Day Four

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You should be pretty stretched out by now. Just one more day until the weekend, when you can hit the trails. Now that springtime is among us, the sun is at a higher angle, so make sure you have new sunscreen for the season. Your local sporting goods shop might even be having a sale on new hiking boots or eco-friendly canteens. Last May I discovered that I was allergic to wasps and bees, and spent the day in the ER. Now our hiking and kayaking outings include my quickie med-kit, with epi-pen and Benadryl in tow. In the fall I discovered I was also allergic to Burts Bees chapstick, and I’ve been afraid to eat any honey since then. Sigh. My quads and calves are nice and loose, and my hiking boots are watching me from the door.

Have you finished reading The Great Outdoors yet? If you liked it, please take a moment and give me a good rating on Decadent Publishing, Amazon, or Goodreads. I would be most obliged, and you’ll get good karma points for a good deed. BIG smile!

. . . . .  s c a v e n g e r    h u n t    q u e s t i o n    o f   t h e    d a y  . . . . . _________________________________________________________________

Day 4

  • What are the two titles in my hockey series about the fictional Carolina Oak Leaves?


  • What historical romance author provided a blurb for my first romance,
    The Right Words?

Can you fill in the blank, and tell me which of my recipes I’m quoting?
“I’m typically of the opinion that sweets without chocolate are simply not
worth the ________ .”

PS. Please spread the word. :)


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