NaNoWriMo update

I’m chugging along nicely with my NaNoWriMo WIP, but have hit a bit of a stalling point. Think I’ll take the dog on a nice walk, then get back to it.

Here’s the short synopsis for
The Optimistic Gardener:

Despite Lola Baltimore’s lonely childhood in a private orphanage, she has an optimistic outlook on everything—especially her love of gardening. When a mysterious inheritance bequeaths her with 1,000 acres of pristine forest land in the Appalachian Mountains on her 21st birthday, she jumps at the opportunity to set up a professional nursery and artist’s compound. And when a friend’s husband returns home from the battlefield, emotionally and physically scarred, she invites them to find solace in the rustic landscape. Word of Lola’s unique retreat spreads quickly and she soon finds herself staffed with a handful of recuperating soldiers and misfit orphans who work the land, learn a new trade, and catapult her nursery business, Foxgloves, into the national spotlight.

As the new sweetheart host of a syndicated gardening show, she draws more attention than she ever thought possible. As details of her unknown, endangered childhood emerge, Lola finds herself in the sights of her mother’s killer and learns that dozens of acres of her remote farmland are being used by a dangerous drug cartel for its marijuana fields. Relief appears to arrive in the form of retired Ranger, Wes Parker, who can find no solace to the demons of his conscience—until a friend invites him to recuperate with Lola. But Wes is just one man, and when they are on the run from the Columbian cartel and the Las Vegas mob he wonders if his extensive battlefield experience can hold the heirloom threat at bay, or if the killer will finally harvest a longstanding debt.


About beckymoore

I'm tall and buxom, highly educated and culturally savvy. I'm a world traveler, problem solver, crusader. Thankful for the love of reading I inherited from my mom, mother to a superbly cool kid, wife to the world’s most handsome man. A marathon runner, freelance photographer, faithful companion to Magnolia May the beagle, and a prolific reader and writer. And when you exit this page or close my books, I'll just be a fond memory.
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2 Responses to NaNoWriMo update

  1. Rebecca Greene says:

    The synopsis sounds great! Are you planning to finish it during NanoWriMo? Keep us posted on your progress!


  2. beckymoore says:

    Thanks Rebecca. Yes, I’m aiming to get at least to 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo … hope to use it to query agents before the Christmas holidays. 🙂

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