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What is ‘Hump Day’?

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Some of life’s important questions don’t solve world hunger. They don’t bring thousands of jobs to the community, or bring peace to the middle east. But they do ease the mind when something’s baking your noodle.

This morning on the radio, before I switched over to Pandora on my Sonos, the DJ said, “Happy Humpday everyone!”

Since I was a little sleepy and a little punchy, I giggled. But then ‘hump day’ got stuck in my craw and I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. So I took it to the Google machine to see what the world wide web might have to say. I found two good resources.

Urban Dictionary, which, if you’ve never used it, is an experience. The definitions are always worth reading, but honestly, the examples are priceless. Today’s research was a little disappointing, in terms of the usual Urban Dictionary fare:

Wednesday, the middle of the week, implying that you have to get “over the hump” before you can anticipate the weekend. The term was not originally intended to carry a second, more risque meaning.

ex: “Damn, I wish every day could be hump day!”

# # #

A term used exclusively by douchebags in reference to Wednesday.

ex: “Some douchebag named Garrett:
Happy hump day.

The other one, oddly, was Yahoo! Answers. My favorite explaination is from this crop of responses.

It’s Wednesday because it’s in the middle of the typical work week.  So you are climbing up the hill on Mon. & Tues.,  and on top of the hill or on the “hump” on Wednesday. Then on Thursday & Friday you slide right into the weekend. You just keep working or doing whatever you are supposed to do.

# # #

Hump day is the day you hump your boss at work. Thursdays are thirsty Thursdays and Fridays are casual sex Fridays.

I saved the best for last. 🙂

PS. Search for “hump day” images at your own risk.


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