A Friendly Incentive

I struck a deal with my friend, Amy, over the weekend to give us a little writing incentive: everyday, Monday through Friday, we’re e-mailing our new manuscript pages to each other. She owes me a page a day, and I owe her three. We’re not reading any of it, but knowing I forgot to send my three pages last night is weighing on my conscience. I’m sending yesterday’s pages over as soon as I save this post.

It’s actually a pretty good exercise, and is certainly flexing my mental muscle in preparation of NaNoWriMo 2011 in November. I’ve got a new romantic action series that I’m dying to get started on, but my current manuscript is looming overhead. When I finish this manuscript, then I can move on to the series. That’s my incentive.

  • What’s yours?

About beckymoore

I'm tall and buxom, highly educated and culturally savvy. I'm a world traveler, problem solver, crusader. Thankful for the love of reading I inherited from my mom, mother to a superbly cool kid, wife to the world’s most handsome man. A marathon runner, freelance photographer, faithful companion to Magnolia May the beagle, and a prolific reader and writer. And when you exit this page or close my books, I'll just be a fond memory.
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