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Am I MAC or PC?

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In the grand scheme of things, I don’t really care if I’m hip or cool. On some things I’m ahead of the curve, on some things I lag behind, and most days I’m somewhere in the middle. Over the years, I’ve had a variety of computers, thanks to my technology gestapo husband, and I’ve used and owned both MACs and PCs. He and my son favor MAC’s, and I typically favor the PC. Unfortunately, my aging laptop is forcing a decision I’m not ready to make: in its elderliness the battery only lasts about an hour; the secondary battery sled (which extends the battery timespan to three and a half hours) weighs 95 pounds; my dock is having trouble communicating when the laptop’s connected; and my Internet browser keeps locking up. I need a new computer. Damn.

The mister convinced our son to lend me his MAC laptop for a week so I could see if I could work with it. In testing out my macintosh legs, I have logged the following observations:

  • I miss the Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down keys; and I miss a backspace that deletes things to the left so that the delete key moves to the right (the delete key on this MAC only goes to the left).
  • I miss the quick right-click drop down menus, finding it cumbersome to move my left hand to press Option and my right hand to click the right side of the mouse bar.
  • I miss the ease of visual windows on the desktop that allow me to drop and drag file icons.
  • I really love the extended battery life.
  • I really love the sound of the keys on the keyboard (this I notice because I hate the chicklet keyboards on new PC laptops, and the way a formal keypad on the right skews spacing on the letter keys).
  • It irritates me how the windows fly around when the mouse moves too far into one of the corners, thus scrambling my brain while I try to figure out how to get back to what I was doing.
  • I do NOT like the iCalendar application and really, truly miss my Outlook Calendar functionality and look.
  • I hope to figure out how to take advantage of the really cool iWeb features; they make nice looking Web sites.
  • I really miss my file structure appears and works on my PC.

My conclusion so far: I am so screwed. I love the portability and battery life of the MAC; appreciate its fast engine and processing speeds; and enjoy the clear backlit screen that makes everything look like its in a lightbox. But I miss the functionality of the PC and Outlook; I miss Photoshop; I do NOT like the current offering of PC laptops at Best Buy.

I’m sure I could get used to using a MAC on a regular basis and could easily migrate to its functionality, but how long will it take? I’m a little squirrelly on it, and that’s really cutting into my productivity. I find things to be a little backward and cumbersome … like using a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator, which makes you input calculations like: + [enter] 3 [enter] 3[enter] … or like saying “the pretty girl” versus “la chica bonita”. Both phrases say the same thing, but the order and the words are different. The logic is backward to me, and I want it to go the right way.

That’s my MAC – PC conundrum. Ay caramba.


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