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November 19, 2010 / beckymoore

Regarding Time Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Women of the Last Century

I love the ‘Best of’ lists Time Magazine produces. Last week it was the 50 best technologies of the new milennium. This week, though, it’s the 25 most influential women of the last century. Check ’em out:

Jane Adams; Corazon Aquino; Rachel Carson; Coco Chanel; Julia Child; Marie Curie; Aretha Franklin; Indira Gandhi; Estee Lauder; Madonna; Margaret Mead; Golda Meir; Angela Merkel; Sandra D O’Connor; Rosa Parks; Jiang Qing; Eleanor Roosevelt; Margaret Sanger; Gloria Steinem; Martha Stewart; Mother Teresa; Oprah Winfrey; and Virginia Woolf.

These women laid the foundation for so much of today’s achievements, for both men and women. Yes, ladies … We Can Do It!



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