5-Star Review for THE PENALTY BOX!

What a day, what a day! Saturday mornings are normally occupied by my son’s soccer games, and today didn’t disappoint. He continued his streak of scoring the first goal of the game, helping to make his team undefeated so far for the season. The next step in the day is typically lunch at Subway, because we’ve got a myriad of people with us–friends, grandparents, neighbors. On the way to Subway, I received word that my second novel, The Penalty Box, has gotten a 5-star review!!

The Penalty Box by Becky Moore

This is one novella  that you cannot put down. The love is  sizzling intense and  the characters you’ll  love to get to know more and be a part of.  Too bad it’s too short I wanted The Penalty Box to continue.  For all Hockey lovers out there this one is for you.

5 Stars  Promoromanzielibri  Facebook
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