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E-Books for Earth Day!

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I’m participating in an author-reader chat tonight, and one of my fellow XOXO Publishing authors made a great suggestion: give the gift of an e-book on Earth Day.


Now I’ll always purchase print books, but I also really love my Kindle. So before you turn back into your pumpkin tonight, you might just consider that by giving the gift of an e-book (or e-book reader) you are:

  • reducing our reliance on logging;
  • reducing the amount of ink that’s manufactured;
  • reducing the amount of electricity used in the printing process; and
  • saving gas mileage and air pollution for transportation of books to merchants.

So keep on buying as many books as you can read (and then some), but change up your formats and save a little dough, and save a little green.


Author: beckymoore

I'm tall and buxom, highly educated and culturally savvy. I'm a world traveler, problem solver, crusader. Thankful for the love of reading I inherited from my mom, mother to a superbly cool kid, wife to the world’s most handsome man. A marathon runner, freelance photographer, faithful companion to Magnolia May the beagle, and a prolific reader and writer. And when you exit this page or close my books, I'll just be a fond memory.

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