Romance is the Rx …

Romance is the Rx for what ails ya.

I made the observation this morning that hot Krispy Kreme donuts were the cure, but that would be correct only in the sweet sugar rush you experience in the 10 seconds it takes to stuff one of those yummy hot delicacies in your mouth. What really sticks is a good romance.

See if you can follow my circular logic here … because I can shape any argument to suit my needs. The spring weather is truly spectacular today. So much so that it’s a bad idea to stay indoors reading by artificial light whilst lounging in your pajamas on the couch. You need to suit up and stretch out and hit the running or bike trails and get some fresh air. It’ll clear out all the wintry cobwebs and open up your mind for a world of possibilities only found in a book. Make sure you work your muscles really well today, because you never know when rain showers might pop up and relegate you to the couch with incandescent or fluorescent light. Plus, a good, solid workout is likely to give you a surge of endorphins to make you feel great, but give you a bit of muscle fatigue. And what’s the best cure for muscle fatigue? A hot bubble bath. What’s the best accoutrement for a hot bubble bath? A glass of wine and a good book. And what’s the best good book for a bubble bath? A steamy romance.

So there you go. Romance is the Rx for what ails you …


About beckymoore

I'm tall and buxom, highly educated and culturally savvy. I'm a world traveler, problem solver, crusader. Thankful for the love of reading I inherited from my mom, mother to a superbly cool kid, wife to the world’s most handsome man. A marathon runner, freelance photographer, faithful companion to Magnolia May the beagle, and a prolific reader and writer. And when you exit this page or close my books, I'll just be a fond memory.
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