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March 5, 2010 / beckymoore

Make the Most of Date Night

I love the weekends for lots of reasons … one of them being that my son normally spends Saturday nights with my mom leaving me and the mister to a weekly date night. We make the most of our time, and are always great company. But date nights can be expensive nowadays, so we found a fun way to pass the time.

We call it The Spa, and we make it out goal to pamper one another. It’s free, and it’s certainly more fun than heading down to the day spa with strangers. So do it up right. Plan a tasty, fancy dinner that you wouldn’t normally prepare during the week when they whole family’s together. Linger over the preparation, stop and kiss your partner often and maybe take a twirl around the kitchen to the low murmur of sexy, soulful jazz that should be playing in the background.

Keep your dinner leisurely, with no rushing and plenty of flirting. Enjoy a nice glass or two of wine … keep the lights low. After dinner, head upstairs and relax in a hot bath. Candles set the mood and keep it heightened. Once you’re out of the bath, head into the bedroom for a nice, sensual massage. Years ago, my husband brought home a great book (along with a bouquet of flowers and bottle of wine for a Spa night) that gave us a lot of great hints.

It’s also nice to lay down on fresh sheets with a big, fluffy comforter that’ll keep you warm all night. You’ll sleep better. And nix the jammies on Spa night; there’s no kids to intrude, and that’ll also make the evening more interesting.

So make sure you take the time to enjoy each other with no rushing or interruptions at least once a week. It’ll keep the spice in your life, and remind you and your partner of why you fell in love. Tomorrow’s Saturday … get your Spa ready!


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